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YES on measure l


yes on measure l

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The West Davis Active Adult Community development. Insert more.



A summary of how the Advocacy.Marketing team led this campaign to a unanimous city council approval.

WDAAC (Measure L) is a 560 unit, active adult community to be built in northwest Davis. The project sits on 45 acres of vacant farm land. In Davis every development of a certain size must be approved by multiple boards and commissions, the city council and finally the voters.

In recent elections voters turned-down two similar-sized projects. The developer has been vigorous in describing the project as a senior-oriented, active community that people age 55+ can downsize to, while staying in Davis.

Again, we are employing the strategy of owning the Internet and communicating with facts from verifiable sources. We boost posts twice weekly in which local residents voice support for the project by detailing project positives such as;

-  affordable housing for seniors

-  a chance to retire in the city you raised your family

-  More housing for young families thanks to seniors moving-out

While there is recognized, organized opposition they are nowhere near as consistent or strategic in their posts and we answer their assertions with facts from the planning board or city council meetings. Like Alameda, all boosts are an affordable $50.

Since this project is on the November ballot we do not yet have detailed analytics. We do however A/B test messages in multiple ways, employing more of what works. There may also be a need in this effort for SEO and AdWords, in-which case we would bring on one of our strategic partners with day-to-day technical expertise.