Tara Lenoir


how it all started…

Tara Lenoir co-owner and partner at Advocacy.Marketing. At A.M she has focused on building online coalitions for real estate developers, ballot initiatives, campaigns to pass legislation, campaigns to defeat political candidates and promote traditional PR firms online. She also co-founded Artist House Creative, a one-stop-shop for all online/offline creative needs.

Lenoir graduated from California State University of Sacramento with her B.A. in Public Relations and has over 8 years of experience in PR/Marketing in the hospitality. She believes in the power of pictures to tell a story and move public opinion. “Over a very short time digital video has leveled the playing field for anyone trying to impact the public process. I want to be at the forefront of that change.” This is why she made the switch to immerse herself in becoming an expert on the digital marketing front to help brands and companies showcase all they have to offer.

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Email: tara@advocacy.marketing