Twitter’s Click to Contribute Feature

Back in September Twitter announced they had teamed-up with Square to launch a new service.

Their new click-to-contribute feature makes it easy for political campaigns to solicit direct contributions from followers and supporters. By registering with Square campaigns can add another connection point between the campaign and voters/potential supporters. In 2000 if you saw a story you liked about Al Gore and wanted to send him $100, you needed to find his website. In 1992 if you wanted to send $100 to Bill Clinton you had to wait for a piece of snail mail to arrive from the campaign or call the local Democratic Party office for info on where to send the check.

Today, if you’re a Twitter follower of say Bernie Sanders, you can contribute to his campaign on Twitter. There is no longer a need to log off Twitter and hunt down the Sanders website. While reading posts from the Sanders campaign you may see that Sanders has taken a position on national defense that you like, or higher education or job growth to cite a few examples. You can then click on the link in the Twitter post to make a direct contribution to the campaign via a credit card, debit card or direct bank withdrawal.

If you’re a candidate or consultant and want to implement this feature go to and click on business to set up the feature for your camapign. You’ll be given a #Cashtag. Square will charge your campaign 2.75% of every contribution. Or if you need help setting-up this feature, Advocacy.Marketing is happy to do it for you and also talk with you about how we can convert followers to supporters and contributors. And for qualified non-profits, we will set-up the Square feature at no charge. Best Wishes for a Winning New Year!