joe camicia



how it all started…

Seeing that online media was the future of political and public policy campaigns Camicia founded Advocacy.Marketing in 2014. A long time political professional, Camicia served as Governor Schwarzenegger’s Advisor for Broadband Policy and Planning at the CPUC, was Chief of Staff to the State CIO and director of the Senate Majority Caucus. Camicia started his career as a two-term member of the Alameda, California City Council.

Camicia spent many years working as a government relations VP overseeing and negotiating local franchises for cable system operators. Like his partners Aguas and Lenior, Camicia believes online media is now a staple of any communications effort. “A.M will always be a ferocious online resource for building your coalition. We will tell your story-- your way, deliver it to exactly the audience you want to see it-- when you want it delivered” said Camicia.

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