Case Study



Californians for Energy Independence

Social Media | Coalition Building | Video/Photo Production | Research & Digital Strategy

Without California’s oil and gas producers there would be almost 600 more tankers a year unloading foreign oil off the California coast.  CEI plays a large role in helping reduce the nation’s dependency on foreign oil.

Who is CEI?  CEI is the policy/communications wing of California’s energy producers and they have a good story to tell but also very active opposition.  Over the course of our work with CEI, A.M helped grow a coalition of support that started at 40,000 and grew to 217,000 Californians.

A.M developed a new responsive website for CEI and began a regular series of social media posts along with an AdWords campaign that told CEI’s story.  A story that centered on CEI’s role in reducing foreign oil dependency and creating environmentally-friendly energy (no oil spills).  A.M grew CEI’s Facebook followers from 20,000 to 165,000.  Twitter went from 700 to 16,500.

A.M is very proud of the work we did with CEI.  We can do the same for you.